Herbal Medicine

I love sharing all about the magic of herbs. Herbal medicine can be an easy and powerful way to bring your body back into balance naturally.


Wellness is not a destination, it is a lifestyle. Nourishing your soul and mind are just as important as taking care of your physical body.

Nutrition & Recipes

Nutrition is at the foundation of what I do as a Naturopathic Doctor. I love sharing recipes that simplify healthy eating for you at home.

I have curated the ultimate list of all my favourite wellness focused spots in Victoria!


I wanted to create a resource for you to know exactly where to find clean food, green beauty, household products, wellness escapes & spas, healthy groceries, and my favourite hiking/walking trails that will help optimize your wellbeing. Supporting local businesses has always been important to me, and I wanted to help you engage with all my favourite wellness focused businesses in Victoria too!