Services & Rates

Office Visits

  • First Office Visit (75 minutes) $175 - An in-depth visit for gathering a full history on your current health concerns. We will explore your past medical and family history, as well as perform any relavent lab work. I may also perform any focused relevant physical exams. 

  • Extended Follow Up Visit (45 minutes) $130 - A longer follow up visit for those who have not been into the clinic in over 2 years, or who have many concerns to discuss on their follow up visit. 

  • Follow Up Visit or Phone Consult (30 minutes) $90 - A visit designed to follow up on treatments prescribed at a previous visit, review requested lab results, and fully review patient progress. 

  • Brief Follow Up Visit or Phone Consult (15 minutes) $55 - An opportunity to quickly review progress on a specific treatment and possibly review lab work requested at previous visit.

  • Preventative Physical Exam (25 minutes) $75 - A focused or general screening physical exam may be recommended as part of your treatment plan. There is an optional add on of $25 for a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure your body composition. 

Acupuncture Visits

  • Initial Acupuncture Visit (45 minutes) - $100.00 - We have a brief consult before I place the needles in you to ask you a few questions that will help me come up with your acupuncture protocol. A Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse and tongue assessment are also conducted at this visit. You will have the needles in you for approximately 30 minutes at this initial acupuncture visit

  • Return Acupuncture Visit (45 minutes) - $80.00 - This visit has less talking time and more time to relax with the needles in! We will do a quick 5 minute check in before we get you on the table to see how you responded to the previous treatment.

IV Visits

Prepare to be in the office for 1-2 hour for an IV visit

  • First IV Visit  $100 + cost of supplies* - A visit to introduce patients to IV therapy and discuss IV treatment options.

  • Repeat IV Treatment  $55-$85 + cost of supplies*  - A shorter IV visit for those patients who have already had their first IV or are experienced with IV's. Treatment will be established in advance of visit.

  • Combined Repeat IV with 15 minute Consultation - $120 + cost of supplies*

  • B12 Injection (5 minutes) - $25

  *Cost of supplies and IV ingredients range from $45 for a simple or single ingredient bag to $125 for high dose Vitamin C

*The cost of the visit will vary based on time spent discussing treatment with the doctor and the IV set up time. Simpler IV's that require a simple set up and quick check in will cost less than those requiring a more complicated IV and check in. If you would like a more thorough follow up with the doctor, please book a 15 or 30 minute follow up visit in addition to your IV visit. 

Miscellaneous Costs

  • Email Communication (For discussion of future treatments or past medical history. Free for clarification of previous treatment plans) - $25

  • Prescription Refills (For patients not frequently seen. Free if visit in previous month) $25

  • Review of Medical Records (cost per hour for review of complex charts) - $100


Cancellation Policy: I require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations. If a visit is cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full cost of the visit.

All of these services are covered to some degree by extended medical programs. Call and ask your provider to see what can be covered. If you qualify for income assistance then a portion of the visit will be reimbursed by the Medical Services Plan. 

Phone consultations or e-mails involving brief questions about existing treatment plans are free of charge after initial in office consultation.  All other phone consultations or more complex e-mails are billed on a per time basis at the same rate as office calls.