Rumble supershake review and giveaway!!

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Today I have a super exciting post for you. I have teamed up with my one of my favourite local drink companies, Rumble, to bring you an awesome giveaway. 

Rumble is a Victoria based supershake company. Their drinks are soy and gluten free, and don't contain anything artificial. They make their products with natural and organic ingredients and each bottle is packed full of goodness with

  • 20g of protein 
  • 3100mg of omega 3 essential fatty acids
  • 8g of fibre 
  • 400mg of calcium 
  • fruits and veg
  • antioxidants
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The company was founded by Paul Underhill. Paul has cystic fibrosis and as a result, needs to consume very nutrient dense foods. Before founding Rumble, he realized there were no convenient natural drinks on the market that contained a balance of whole food ingredients. He then partnered up with naturopathic doctor, Dr. Kim McQueen (YAY FOR NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS!!!), to formulate his ideal supershake. They took Rumble to Dragons Den and it has since taken off! 

Rumble has literally created my dream shake for on the go. Protein powders or whole food powders are convenient, but often don't taste very good or are too gritty for my liking. Although I love making my own smoothies in the morning, sometimes I just don't have time. Rumble is perfect for anytime you need an extra boost, whether it be for post exercise, that afternoon slump, music festivals, when you're too busy to eat, you're too hungover to eat, or you are sick and have no appetite! (I have used it for all of these ha!)

Rumble is essentially the WAY healthier, whole food version of a meal replacement drink such as something like Ensure or Boost. Have you ever seen the ingredients in those though?? Seriously, not very clean or healthy for that matter. 

Rumble comes in two delicious flavours: Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla Maple. To be honest, I really can't decide which flavour I like best. I tend to alternate between the two as I love them both. 

Rumble retails for $3.99 a bottle and is available at many stores across the province (Whole Foods, Thrifty Foods, Donalds Market, and more!) and also online on amazon (see links below)

If you wish to learn more about Rumble, check out their website here and watch the videos I have linked below! 

Click here to see the background story of Rumble

Click here to see Team Rumble on Dragons Den

amelia wachtin rumble

Now for the best part! Rumble has been kind enough to participate in a giveaway for you guys! The giveaway runs from Sunday April 26th at 5pm to Sunday May 3rd at 5pm. To win, you must follow both myself and rumble on instagram, you can then earn bonus entries for following us on our other accounts (see below).

The winner will win a 12 pack of Rumble (6 Vanilla Maple and 6 Dutch Cocoa). This will be shipped to you after the contest closes! I will be announcing the winner on my instagram account Sunday May 3rd after 5pm.

Good luck!! 

Have you tried Rumble before? Which flavour do you prefer, Vanilla Maple or Dutch Cocoa? Let me know in the comments below!!