Little loves: spring edition

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Today's post features some products that I recently purchased that I thought I would share with you guys, as I am loving them. I will be doing a post like this for each season. I Hope you enjoy my latest spring obsessions! 

Stance Socks
I first discovered Stance socks down in Cali a couple years ago. Literally every shop down there carries them. Since then I have been obsessed with them, and often gift them to friends and family. They are by far the comfiest socks I have ever worn. They are always coming out with wicked patterns too. I will warn you though, once you buy a pair you will never want to purchase any other type of socks! I picked up these two pairs for spring recently and I am loving them so much! 

Check out Stance's website here for more 

Pacifica Highlighter 
Gahh I am way too in love with Pacifica. They are an ethical and clean company with killer branding. When I saw they had come out with a highlighter I had to try it. I love how light it wears. Its perfect for adding a little extra glow to the cupids bow, eyebrows and cheek bones. This little guy came in a little gold container with a mandala on it, I couldn't not try it! 

Click the link here to see the product 

Cute Notebooks
Keeping up with 10-11 classes a term requires that I am super organized! Although I do most of my school work on a program called Evernote, I still find I learn well by writing out study notes. I found this notebook at a local home store here in Vancouver called Welk's (shout out to the super rad Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood!). It is made with 100% post consumer recycled paper, and printed with soy ink. 

You can see this notebook and more like it at this link here

Soy Wax Candles 
So many candles out there on the market are made with synthetic paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product and contains toxic and carcinogenic properties. When you burn these candles this crap gets released into the environment and the air you breathe! Soy wax is a much cleaner, non-toxic alternative. As an added bonus it burns at a lower temperature, meaning soy wax candles will last longer! Although, most of the time I prefer to make my own soy wax candles, I will occasionally purchase one. This particular one is made by the company Paddy Wax, and the scent is "Ocean Tide and Sea Salt". To be honest, I purchased this candle because it matches the theme of my room perfectly! I am obsessed with anything turquoise... 

Click here for the link to Paddy Wax's website 

Natural Heat Protector 
I am a bit of a slave to my flat iron. I have naturally wavy/thick hair that often needs to be tamed. Over the years I have tried many different heat protectors, but never found one that I truly loved. They always seemed too toxic to me.  I recently discovered this dessert essence coconut heat protector and instantly loved it. It is natural and smells great! Plus it feels nice in my hair and goes on very light. It doubles as a de-frizzer as well, which is perfect for our rainy west coast weather! 

Click here for a link to the heat protector 





Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a giveaway with any of these products!! 

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