3 reasons to add plants to your home

amelia wachtin plants

A home without plants is no home at all in my eyes. I love how much plants can brighten up a room. It is so rewarding watching something you have cared for grow and thrive (I am sure any mothers out there would agree!!). I get so much joy in scouting out the perfect plants for my home. I can always spend way more time in a garden/plant shop than bargained for. 

Anyway... Here are 3 reasons why I think you should add more plants to your home! 

1. They purify the air

There are many chemicals that are present in our home environment that most are probably not aware of. Formaldehyde is found commonly in paint, glue and carpets. Benzene is found in rubber and plastic. Xylene, trichloroethylene and toluene are other common chemicals that can be found in household items. Adding indoor plants to your home can help remove and absorb these chemicals out of the air. Making your home safer and cleaner! 

As we all learned at some point back in elementary school, plants undergo photosynthesis and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oxygen is absolutely essential for your body and mind, ensuring that you getting quality air is necessary for your overall wellbeing. 

Although I personally prefer succulents (both look and ease of care), regular house plants really do take the cake when it comes to purifying the air! 


2. They bring life indoors

Adding plants to a room can add vibrancy to any neutral design. Plants can act as statement pieces or subtleties in a room. If you happen to be like most people in this day and age and run a normal job in a city you are most likely nature deprived. Adding plants to your home can bring nature (and life!) indoors. Who wouldn't want that??


3. They reduce stress

When we come in contact with nature and greenery, our levels of stress and irritability are decreased. Further, it lowers our level of mental fatigue and allows for better concentration. 

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the health benefits of nature (link here). Adding plants to your home can also induce the same benefits on your mental wellness! 



Do you have any favourite plants you like to grow indoors? Let me know in the comments below!