The #1 way to get fit for busy people


Once upon a time, before med school commenced I was fit. I did tons of yoga, biked everywhere and ran long distances for fun. I have been an athlete most of my life, and find it extremely frustrating not being in shape. 

At this point in my life I straight up just don't have the time to be as active as I once did. 

Time is of the essence for a lot of us. Whether you are a busy professional, a stressed out student, or an occupied parent, time isn't something most of us have a lot of! 

If you are anything like me you may find it easy to let your lack of time become an excuse for many things. Exercise is always at the top of this list for me. It is awful! I am in the business of health and wellness and I am well aware that exercise should always be a priority. It has been drilled into me my whole life! So how do I squeeze exercise into the little free time that I have? 

The answer is High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT

To get in a HIIT workout in can literally take 10-15 minutes out of your day. 

I first learned about HIIT as I was training for a half marathon back in 2012. I have never experienced such a fast increase in my fitness levels as I did in those short 3 months. 

So how does HIIT work? 

High intensity interval training is short bursts of anaerobic exercise alternating with less intense recovery periods. HIIT sessions are short and intense with many benefits including:

  • Improved athletic capacity (yay!)
  • Improved fat burning ability (double yay!)
  • Increased metabolism for the 24 hours after your workout (wahoo!)
  • Improved cardiovascular health (even more yay!)

I love HIIT mostly because:

  • There is no need for any fancy equipment
  • It is extremely efficient
  • HIIT can be done anywhere!

There are many variations of HIIT, but I will let you in on my favourite simple workout. 

  • Warm up (EXTREMELY important) 2-5 minutes of light jogging 
  • Sprint (80-95% pace) for 10 seconds
  • Light jog or brisk walk for 50 seconds
  • Repeat for 8-12 minutes!
  • Cool down and stretch

That's it! 

Have you tried HIIT before? Let me know in the comments below!