My latest obsession...

My Nebulizer!


What is this weird flower vase looking thing you might ask? Well aside from being the new love of my life, this little guy is quite the miracle worker. 

Nebulizers are heat-free essential oil diffusers. This little hero purifies and humidifies the air in my apartment while reducing dust and other common house hold allergens. 

Nebulizers come in all shapes and sizes. This particular one has a 100ml water tank and has a running time of 3-6 hours depending on the setting. It is relatively small as far as diffusers go, however it works perfectly for my 450 square foot apartment.

The best part is I get to diffuse any essential oil or oil blend of my choosing.

My current favourite is "Mountain High" by Saje Natural Wellness. Even when I am cooped up studying I can pretend I am in the mountains :) It smells AMAZING!


* I purchased my nebulizer at Saje Natural Wellness in Vancouver, BC. They do have an online store if you wish to purchase one. However, diffusers can be found at many health food stores or natural wellness stores. It just takes a little searching. 

Please note:
This is not a sponsored post. I just happen to be obsessed with Saje!